caterer nomination

Nominations of caterers who might be interested in participating in Caterers Showcase by catering a Dine With Dignitaries event may be nominated below.

If you are a caterer who would like to self-nominate, please write your request below.  We will then provide you with venue information, from which you make your proposal.

Caterer Requirements:

  • Licensed caterer in Las Vegas or the area of event
  • At-cost pricing
  • Capable of catering luxurious dinner with all acoutremonts
    • Gourmet menu
    • All utensils & linens
    • Complete setup and removal
  • Written proposal must be detailed and include line-item costs

Caterer contestants will be judged on menu choices, food preparation, presentation, service and table design.  Providing additional pairings of wine, music (especially live musicians and singers), art or other enhancements to the particular venue assigned will also add bonus points.

Venues are chosen by the Host Committee weeks in advance, but may be challenging  to accomodate due to location, terrain, power supply, lighting, etc.

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